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G-Unit lyrics : "No Days Off"

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks (50 Cent)]
I came to get somethin, I ain't worried 'bout nothin
Child of the hood, I was put here for stuntin

Strap like it's legal, ridin around bumpin
If you can't beat 'em don't join 'em, jump 'em, $#[email protected] 'em
(I never liked these ^!$$%z anyway)

(They could drop dead, fall off a buildin today)
Hey... (Nobody gon' miss you anyway)
(No days off, keep the pistol e'ry day)

[50 Cent:]
I got the burner burner, I come to burn and burn ya

Revolver turn ya, call it murder murder
I ain't smilin I ain't smirkin, I ain't muh'$#[email protected] jokin
See if you think somethin sweet when your head open

Cross me, force me, go 'head, line me up
I found where you rest at, you grimy $#[email protected]
I be out front your raggedy-ass crib on a stake-out

With a pound, two clips, and Chinese take-out
You make it rain, I make it lead shower
You say your prayers, you in your last hour

I have you pushin up daisies, the [email protected]%!e dump crazy
You chumps amaze me, the wolves they raised me
You don't like me then spray me


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