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G-Unit lyrics : "Kitty Kat"

[50 Cent (Tony Yayo):]
(Yeah, yeah) Yeah (G-UNIT!)
My Polo on (check) my Dolce on (check)

It's my crew and Polow Da Don
I get that kitty ma (yeah!) I get that cash boo
Shake that kitty girl, shake that $$# hoe!

[Chorus: woman]
Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat

Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat
Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat
[Tony Yayo:] Well girl I get #[email protected] for free, I'm hittin that

Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat
Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat
Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat

[50 Cent:] But (*##$ I get #[email protected] for free, I'm hittin that

[Tony Yayo:]

Big boy Bentley, big boy semi
^!$$%z wanna kill me, ain't worth ^!$$% pennies
I drop a bag off, and the uz' will spray you

I need six pockets like a pool table
These hoes love me, these hoes love my pimpin
They in the Phantom, clickin on they Cablevision

Dope, I got the Chef Boyardee bags
[email protected][email protected], I got it runnin out the rehab
Hoes like, "Why he actin so Hollywood?

Cause there's a chauffeur in his 300 Hollywood"
I'm hot, no ghostwriter for the mic
Basically the Hollywood writer on strike, YEAH!


[50 Cent:]
She got what I want, want (uh-huh)
She got what I need, need (that's right)

She rollin my blunt, blunt (yeah)
(*##$ hand me my weed, weed... [growls]
I'm so ghetto, I'm so, I'm so ghetto

On the low, I creeps, I moves with my metal
I be's in the club with my burner like WHAT
I done did so much dirt, I ain't tryin to get CUT

I'm a bad boy, that bad boy they wan' $#[email protected] with
They like that black on black rims on the Caddy truck kid
I make that hard white flip, ^!$$% since "Get Rich"

My jewels so sick, they talk to a (*##$
Like, get in get in! You and your friend
He sold ten mil' twice, he fin' to do it again

ALL ABOARD! (*##$ don't miss the train
50 that ^!$$%, $#[email protected] wrong with yo' brain, huh?


[Lloyd Banks:]

I don't pay for kitten, are ya kiddin? Well it's the kid
A.K.A., in and out your sister's crib
Mr. So Fly, I O.D. the stores

My car damn near fly, it got eagle doors
Before you see me off, you'll see hell freeze
You got a V-12? I got 12 V's

It's only so many months, you do the math
I'm a smoker, it's so many blunts for you to pass on me
Girl you crazy, got on B.B., rollin

And your mouth'll be, foamin if I keep, keep goin
You might see, me, frozen cause I'm holdin I done told 'em
If yo' game can't control 'em, then she's as good as stolen


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