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G-Unit lyrics : "If Dead Men Could Talk"

50 talking]
Hold up. Son, them ^!$$%s know who hit that ^!$$% son. (I know I kno...)
How the $#[email protected] we gon know who hit em, and they don't know who hit him.

The hood talkin man everybody know. (I know its $#[email protected] up)

Now I lay thee down to sleep, ^!$$%s tryin' to lay me down wit heat, if I should die do' before i awake i pray my lord my soul to take...

[Verse 1:]
If dead men could talk in your sleep

And your homie told u who got him
Would you have the heart to shoot the ^!$$% that shot him
Or would you start switchin up

You think about the penitentiary, your (*##$in up?
What if he said money aint everything
The hood raised us wrong

What it takes to get your money long
But look I'm gone
Would that touch your heart have you feelin funny inside

Would that be enough to make your punk $$# ride
What if he gave you a lil list of things to do
Said he wouldn't have to die

He could live through you
Would you load your gats and get ready ro ride
Or would you lock the door at your crib and hide

It's a cold world even when it's hot outside
Wether sunshine or rain, you still feel pain
Hit him cause he was your strength

Now you in a daze
Your homie turnin over in his grave
Cause you !#$)!

Ya know who killed him! Ya know who killed him!

Ya know who killed him! (Ride!)
Ya know who killed him! Ya know who killed him!
Ya know who killed him! (Ride!)

[Verse 2:]
Them boys smoked your homie

You aint gon do nothin back
Not even if he told you, you next to get clapped
It don't take much for them shells to make the best of you

Your peoples probably gon cremate and burn the rest of you
You done did too much dirt to try and make it to heaven
^!$$% is you down for this 1-8-7

When you reach the pearly gates
How you gon explain
You gonna try and tell God you've been framed

Ya'll did everything together, he was your dog
Now you uptown coppin and he in the morgue
Them ^!$$%s he gave pacs to they kept the cake

His sister and baby momma talkin to Jake
Da' ^!$$%s that rocked Him they came to the wake
But they come inside they sat out in the ride

At the funeral homicide all in the buisness
Walkin round askin ^!$$%s to tell em who did it
^!$$%s is throwin' blows now you ready to rumble?

Thirsty ^!$$%s an animal, the hood is a jungle
Broke ^!$$% will body someone over a bundle
Man a three year old kid in my hood know what a gun do

[Hook: to fade]

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