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G-Unit lyrics : "Groupie Love"

[50] Yeah, G-Unit, ha hah [Intro] + (50 Cent) I've been so many places I've seen so many faces Girl you look like someone that I done $#[email protected] before (ha ha) I've been around the world I've met all kind of girls Girl you look like someone that I done $#[email protected] on tour All sold out - gettin paper things change (I'm rich (*##$) You done heard of my name (50 Cent (*##$) I'm a P.I.M.P. (I'm a pimp, (*##$) You done heard about me (Cause I'm the %#@!!) [Verse One: 50 Cent] You see how things change First they didn't want me, now they want me See a ^!$$% gettin paid, they wanna push up on me Used to see these hoes, chasin a ^!$$% I'll have in the hotel, tastin a ^!$$% 50 like a lollipop, lick me baby Then lick Dr., Dre and Shady -- ohh! [Chorus] Groupie love, they gimme gimme gimme that groupie love They gimme gimme gimme that groupie love When you see me in V.I.P., with hoes around me Man they give me that groupie love Come gimme gimme gimme that groupie love Come gimme gimme gimme that groupie love Tonight you wanna $#[email protected] with me It's alright with me, c'mon and gimme that groupie love [Verse Two: Tony Yayo] Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick That's the reason these groupies is on my dick Listen young and old, these hoes is loose Wintertime's the staircase, summertime's the roof Gimme eight days and a eighth, homey I'm straight Have a church girl on the bus movin weight I got birds backstage that's serious eye-candy Ain't got birds in the hood so I'm in the burbs with Bambi My writin methods, got me more hoes than Tyson Beckford Icey necklace on the tour bus, $$# naked When I say jump, (*##$ say how high? And flag down a car when the %#@! drive by I'm a pimp like Pretty Tone I got the info on the pretty chrome $#[email protected] hoes off of 50 phone My name hold weight, you barely known You on that R. Kelly %#@!, your (*##$ is barely grown (YEA!) [Chorus] G-G-G-G-G, G-G-G-G-G, G-Unit! [Verse Three: Lloyd Banks] Shorty ain't feelin me, shorty must like girls.. .. like girls, cause I'm the only man in your world (*##$ I can make you famous, you don't know what you missin I can change your mind if you listen The (*##$ don't like me, the (*##$ must don't like men.. .. like men, I say what I want cause I can If I didn't I'd be a liar, mami I'm on fire Come ride with a rider, that's how we swing You might catch the King with a singer; but touchin my doorbell's the only way I put a ring on your finger Threw me a combo with two cups and, I'm in your bedroom $#[email protected] up your sheets like the Klu Klux Klan I shook hands with my

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