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G-Unit lyrics : "G'D Up Lyrics"

[Chorus: 50 Cent] Im amzing,im crazy the hood dun made me feel like my emotions are froze i stay "G'd Up",itstha things tha i dun seen and the %#@! ive been through that made my heart turn cold i stay"G'd Up",Im a gangsta ya find out fo sho if u eva step on my toes I stay "G'd Up", when imhanigin' out tha window wit that AK fillin ya punk $$# wit holes[50 Cent]Cocaine,[email protected](%,extacy,[email protected][email protected]&&,im new on that greyhound $#[email protected] wit NY to Carolina,paperchase different name,same face dont catch a case,my road dogs on parole his baby gurls 4 yearsold,we play tha block pistol cop,u could shoot or get shot kill u for ur crack spot takeeverything your $$# got,semi-automatics spary,bust back up on tha way,^!$$%z talkin in thahood we'll handle his another day,in November u make my %#@!,u should b dead, if u can catch aChristmas,ill send u a gift,^!$$%z will come and leave yo $$# twisted,them hollowtips shellsburn baby burn,see ^!$$%z get merked up,N babies born make tha world turn,i seen it all crispyclear so i keep my pistol near,hearts never full of fear homie i stay well aware of whats goinaround me mutha$#[email protected] want me dead i go wit a smile on my face,witness my time kid [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks]lil ^!$$% I dun paid ya way,yall should thank e'm,but if u think otherwise bring ya boy overhere so i could spank e'm,ill put a end to your career (*##$ ((*##$),before u speak on 50,buyfourty in a spare clip,these ^!$$%z gettin gassed up gettin to used to rap like i wont givethem more blood clots than supercat,^!$$%z will snatch ya im like a bat catcher ill give emsigns and they'll post up match ya,round here ^!$$%z die off hydro and even when it aint tha4th of July it sound like pyro,u smart enuff to creep n lay ur dumb brains down the pound willspin u down like tha young James Brown (yeah) i know im hot but hey (hey) im icy to rocks willhit u from a block away like a beat from Dr.Dre we takin' over this year case tha soldiers ishere everyone knows its a scare (yeah)![Chorus] [Young Buck]my popa never bothered to show me what it was to be a man he just pop another bottle n smokeup a half a gram,i would hop in my Impala and ride all throught tha night that gave my homeboylight so when u do it do it right,my fingernails still filled with cocaine residue,i still gottha heart to go bust me ahead or 2 (fo sho)no other soulution u think we hollerin n hooptin'until u wake up n u gotta here about these shootings,i take a bullet from mah vooz n put thaclip in my pocket before i take another bullet im gonna pull it and pop it (bllaaatt)and ifits beef my ^!$$% then let your guns do tha talkin' the graveyard has got plenty room for acoffin (haha)they say we responsible for boostin tha crime rate they say we tha reason theseyoung ^!$$%z is buying weight but im gonna keep this glock on my waist till my dyin'days its"Nuttin But A G Thang" G-Unit And Dr.Dre[Chorus]

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