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G-Unit lyrics : "Cocaine Dreams"

G-Unit ^!$$%
50 Cent

You Heard Me
Irv I don't believe you let that ^!$$% talk
You fat cupcake eatin' motha$#[email protected]

I'll $#[email protected] you up ^!$$%
$#[email protected]' punk $$# ^!$$%
Don't nobody respect you ^!$$%

You Preme's son ^!$$%
Motha$#[email protected]'s been gettin' extorted since day one
Its all kinda (*##$ in ya, chinese, spanish, black, white

I got X
Method slabs and cocaine

So the feds wanna search us
like arabs boardin' tha planes
I'm in tha range

switchin' lanes
Reminscin' on cans and sardines

And car dreams
I'm burnin' unfamiliar bud
Got a shotgun like Elmer Fudd

That'll let off and leave you hella blood
Ma I'm hip to tha game
Blue ice chips in the chain

A few nights skipped on the plane
With two white chicks gettin' brain
bang bang from big heaters

Hundred dollar sneakers
Two seaters
Two ninas

And a bundle of hayes
At least enough to last fourteen days

He wouldn't sell lobster
My eyes slanted like Pharell's partner
^!$$% respect like your father when it comes to drama

I put tha llama to your mama
and beat her like a pinata

^!$$% I been hotta since '97
You been beggin' tha 5th kick like a kung-fu legend
One blue seven

Whats poppin' ^!$$%?
Different day same %#@!
What you coppin' ^!$$%?

S-K's want bricks, %#@!
You wind up dead with this
So why turn soft?

Straight bullets will burn a ^!$$%s sideburns off
I gotta model with a sick $$#
Bagged her off 5th ave.

$#[email protected] her offa hot dog and a playoff knick pass

Now we shoppin in tha malls on tha westcoast

And as far as #[email protected]
I been through more walls than asbestos
So lets toast

And have a sex on tha beach
These ^!$$%s quotin' my lines like a Martin Luther King speech
Remember Patrice

She looked like Kelis
Met her in club
And caught her eyein' my piece

And with all the birds at tha show
I had to go $#[email protected] tha crazy hoe
Callin' Hot 97 'cause she knows I'm on tha radio

(Ha Ha (*##$)

[50 Talking:]

Ja you little Stuart Little lookin' motha$#[email protected]
Catch you I'll break your motha$#[email protected]' neck ^!$$%

You only weigh 110 pounds you little [email protected]$)ot
I know tha stylist you been $#[email protected]' too ^!$$%
I paid him 50,000
Check my album out ^!$$%
February 11th you gonna hear him talk

You little (*##$
Tryin' to jump off like its a promotional stunt
Seven days before your album drop
huh..you little (*##$

Order of protection
From who?
Who I need an order of protection from ^!$$%? [Laughs]
Ya lil' k..awe man
Motha$#[email protected] man

Ya'll ^!$$%s is gonna make this a lot of fun for me

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