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G-Unit lyrics : "Catch Me In The Hood"

Yea, 50cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo

[Lloyd Banks:]

This rap %#@! plays a major part in my life
She looked for jack but realize that i got the ride
Well send a mutha$#[email protected] at ya tonight


And i aint sleepin till my click pop em
swimmin in bowls of money
Micheal walking around with a head em

cause it's Charley mc dummy it's funny
^!$$%z go ravving see you suffering, hungry
I'm Co-D as well skating with enough of ^!$$%z money

Why you $$# of
you know you ain't that tough

I'm pulling your mask off
As soon as you act up
You know what i came for

A peace of the game or
Art till the readers
Buy $$# long as a chainsaw

I buy them weight
But tis still feels like i'm dreamin

40. calinger my pillow cinda feel like my c-men
I fysical pressence of a female the form of a demon
that's why i $#[email protected] em and leave em get my note while im leaving

And i thought they catch me slippin now im ducking and drippin, thats a thousand dollar outfit wuth the $#[email protected] is you brickin
They drippin, the record can get my $$# in positioN
Death wish for no gorilla jim wether canie a couchen

Listen, and when trough momma (*##$en in and out the kitchen wuth probable cause is probable in and out the prison
We got soldiers
but you still gotta respect the arts

We got more 4-5s and nines then a deck of cards

[Tony Yayo:]

You can take me out the hood
But can take the hood out me
Cause im getto

^!$$%z hate when you to good
But when you broke
Your friends and your enemy's

They love you
Chi-Chi get the Yayo
Picture me being crack out of ten trips on the train

Chi-Chi get the Yayo
Picture me being crack

Oh, you go
You can sniff me, cut me ill turn you to a junkie
I'm the nr. 1 cellar in the whole $#&[email protected] country

Wallstreet ^!$$%z, they caught me on a low
White boyz dont call me [email protected]%!e they call me blow
Its time to go on a bus the train a plane im smuggle

Im nothin but trouble Ill make ya money double
cook me in bacon soda, ill turn ya hoop-rock into a new range-rover
Ill pay all ya bills and fill je frigerator

Feed ya familly turn ya man to a hater
YoU can put me in a dog-pannel or ya stash box
Put me in ya night' tims a read box

If you caught three and a halve you hustlin backwards
Cop a hundred grand you moving forwards
Im trying to move more birds, and PA all day on the corner of third

[50 cent:]
You can take me out the hood

But you can't take the hood out me
Cause im gettho
Picture me pollishing pistols

Im comming to get you the sails hit you they scream
Think im playing i mean it
Man i dont bought all this pistols, just get it popping

Start and wavin my own voice shell cases gets the drop
The devils got a cone i got to much pride to hide
Im outside gun in my pocket theres stuntin to poppin
Im dying to poppin them young and im wrestling to the death system as the world turns the rececippy learn
count on my blessins clean up my weapons im ready for war

The strong survive the big shall perrish i told you before
Hoes can come and take me now im 50
Well I see you 20 grands and tips of the dice game
Its burned out cant stop it

You gotta watch MTV ,BET, !#$% YOU SEE ME
I wonder if im mad cause im doing good
Cause ^!$$%z are feelin me more than you in yo hood
And it hurts cause you love them but they dont love you back cause they know you just rappin and you dont bust a get. You #[email protected]

Yea, explain it to the ^!$$%z in yo hood ^!$$%
They know you $#[email protected] the front ^!$$%
Talk all that gangsta %#@! on the reggae
I see you ^!$$%
^!$$%s know me ^!$$%

Ask around in my hood ^!$$%
We'r de daily news ^!$$%
you see them talkin about me ^!$$%
im in the middle of all cinds of %#@!
#[email protected] get it poppin

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