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G-Unit lyrics : "Casualties Of War"

[50 Cent:]
Anything, I let you breathe

Now you're dead

[Chorus: 50 Cent]

There's no room without casualties
End up in a wake when you $#[email protected] with me
You got beef with my man you got beef with me

I got the semi on me mother$#[email protected] you'll see
Devil 'round the corner

[50 Cent:]
Is that my dawg, that slap that cat?
Now how did the chicken give birth to a rat?

Now how did the rat learn to sing like a bird?
His pops is a O.G., this is absurd
My gun game right, my knife game right

$#[email protected] around I get right, in broad daylight
Spin the barrel on a ^!$$%, pin the tail on the donkey
It's a zoo out this (*##$, I put a hole in the monkey

Got the gemstars to rip 'em, hundred shots to clip 'em
Bodybags they zip 'em, and we don't know a thang
You hit ^!$$% you trippin, you think it's over you trippin

Reload slap the clip in, back, back, strapped


[Lloyd Banks:]
Uhh, I drink like a uncle, smoke like a rasta

Ball like a superstar, talk like a boxer
$#[email protected] like a rabbit, %#@! like a dinosaur
See like a sniper, lil' ^!$$% aim height is raw

Ride like a Lambo', stunt like I'm out of town
Strap like Commando, B-A-N-K-dollar sign
Live everything up I won't, change like the others, nope

Switch overnight I can't, I'm outside his camp
I'm 'bout a dollar boy and dollar bills'll kill
Kill that bull%#@!, I'm famous but I'm ridin with the steel

Will throw it all away, I see you later today
You'll see I'm fadin away, that's all I'm able to say


[Tony Yayo:]

Yeah, it's the enforcer Yayo
We could do it in broad daylight
In front of the White House for all I care

I blow your heart out your body sucka
Then jump in the Aston blastin, burnin rubber

Black ski mask, the Aston tinted
Ditch the gun, burn the car cause my DNA in it
Next day it's the GT, stunt off of G.P.

Fist full of stones, fingers glowin like E.T.
Fake O.G., O.G. Bobby Jones
Do your son like J-Rock, Mausberg pumpin

I'm stuntin, focus like a digital camera
Got that P-95 with that invisible hammer
^!$$% who you tryin to ride on, I'm a icon

Heart made of steel, balls made of ir-on


[50 Cent:]
Devil 'round the corner, corner

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