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G-Unit lyrics : "Betta Ask Somebody"

[50 Cent]I, know, you, knowI'm, on, fiiiii-re[Chorus: 50 Cent]If, you don't know, who I beYou betta ask somebooooody about meOh - you wanna be tough ^!$$%, a look is enoughI put that snub nose to ya and bust ^!$$%If, you don't know, who I beYou betta ask somebooooody about meAnd they'll tell ya I'm a soldier boyAnd I done told ya, over and over boy[Verse One: Lloyd Banks]I come from a big city, the streets corruptNow I'm rollin with snub-noses to heat you upOut here ^!$$%z'll do anything to reach a buckCause when you broke you can't afford to $#[email protected] ya sneakers upI take my time, keep my mind on my bank fundsLearn how to seperate the real from the fake onesAnd on my heater nina rep what could I carry onMy ^!$$% just lost his momma, and his daddy goneFrom now on I can provide cause my paper's straightFamily losin his legs, but I can take the weightSome ^!$$%z hate but I'll be damned if they hold me downFront ^!$$%z didn't know me then, bet they know me nowBlunt and a smile, eventually it'll be a frownCause every time I turn around a ^!$$% locked downWhile I'm in the world, tryin to bring my loot throughHopin one day we can kick it like we used to, my ^!$$%[Chorus][Verse Two: Young Buck]Uhh, they never seen 26's on a HummerMy goal is to try to $#[email protected] Trina by the summerSome ^!$$%z hate me, but they only made meGo and put mo' ice in my mouth than Baby (bling bling!)G-Unit and Shady, them dudes is crazyNext time, we only usin Dr. Dre's beats$#[email protected] you, pay me, take your magazine flicksThis ain't no Nelly hurr, take a good look at thisGot the wrists of a chemist and the heart of a hustlerPlus I probably done robbed mo' artists than RussellAlways in trouble, you can blame my motherGave birth to a gorilla and raised him in the jungleI ain't crawled, I stumbled across the Mexican with birdsPapi had [email protected]%!e and new plates and pounds of herbKeep my hand on my glock, and my ear to the streetsI'm a country boi, you can hear it when I speakG-Unit![Chorus][Verse Three: 50 Cent]Bentley is all dreams, G-5 agendasI made a ^!$$% heart colder than December (yeah!)Don't take much to make my gun go offOne shot'll make a hardrock look oh so soft (woo!)If you don't know you betta ask who I beOr end up in ICU gettin fed through a IVDown in the Lou', they say they feelin me derrtyIn New Orleans they say I'm that ^!$$%, ya heard me?From them Southside blocks to Watts, Westside don't frontYou know about them Grapestreet Gangstas, G'd upRollin that weed up^!$$% get outta line, get shot stabbed jackedHit with a bat or beat up$#[email protected] that, we're on that same bull%#@!Same forty-cally glock, same full clip#[email protected] claat bwoy, ya nah wanna tak wif meI'm a real rudebwoy, ya nah wanna ruf wif me[Chorus]

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