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FUGEES lyrics : "Red Intro"

[Intro: Wyclef Jean]
Pick up your microphones
Pick up your microphones

[Chorus: Wyclef/Pras]
How many mics do we rip on the daily

Say, me say many money say me say many many many
How many mics do we rip on the daily
Many money say me say many many many

[Verse One: Lauryn Hill]
I get mad frustrated when I rhyme

Thinkin of all them kids that try to do this for all the wrong reasons
Season change mad things rearrange
But it all stays the same like the love doctor strange

I'm tame like the rapper get red like a snapper, when they do that
Got your whole block saying true dat
If only they knew that, it was you who was irregular

Soldier soul for some secular muzac that's whack
Plus you use that, loop, over and over
Claiming that you got a new style, your atempts are futile, oooh child

Your puerile, brain waves are sterile
You can't create you just wait to take, my take
Laced with malice, hands get callous, from ripping microphones

From here to Dallas go ask Alice if you don't believe me
I get innovisions like Stevie
See me, a sin from the chalice, like the weed be

Indeed we like Kalid Mohammed MC's make me vomit
I get controversial, freaky style with no rehearsal
Au contraire mon frere, don't you even go there

Me without a mike is like a beat without a snare
I dare to tear into your ego, we go, way back
Like some ganja and palequo or ColecoVision

My minds make incisions in your anatomy
And I back this with Deuteronomy or Leviticus
God made this word, you can't get with this

Sweet like licorice, dangerous like syphillis, yeah


[Verse Two: Wyclef Jean]
I used to be underrated, now I take iron, makes my %#@! constipated

I'm more concentrated, so on my day off with David Sanonburg I play
Run through Crown Heights screaming out "Mazeltoff!"

Problem with noman before black I'm first hu-man
Appetite to write, like Frederick Douglass with a slave hand
Street pressure, word to papa I ain't going under

One day I have a label and make deals with Tommy Mottola
Mama always told me, "Your one in a million,
Always watch our back, never tango with haitian-sicilians"

Now I got a record deal, how does it feel?
I'm never gonna survive unless I get crazy like Seal
Cause the whole worlds' out a order

So at night the feins dance on grease with John Travolta
One got slaughtered as he caught blood from his mouth
The other tried to duck and caught a left with my Guinness stout

Brother, brother can't you get this through your head
It's a setup by the feds, their scoping us with their infrareds


[Verse Three: Prazwell]

Too many MC's not enough mikes, exit your show like I exit the
Dice and dynomite like Dolomite, double do's been like I don't Dick

Van !#!&
Starlight to starbrite the freaks come out at night
Like my man Wyclef-"I wear my sunglasses at night"

And my ponage with martial encourage
Squash the squad and hide their bodies under my garage
And when the cops come lookin, I be bookin to Brooklyn

Beat the trails broken flipping tokens to Hoboken
A clean Getaway like Alec Baldwin
Driving in my fast car playing Tracy Chapman


Many, many money many many many
Many, many money, ha, ha, ha

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