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FUCKED UP : Paper The House lyrics

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FUCKED UP lyrics : "Paper The House"

When it comes down, the magic begins
You're not out of the maze,

so I'm glad to stay till the end
This (???)
I know from the time I've lived,

you found out you were living a lie


You dare me to face again
As I put my face in my hands
Darkness comes and it gets soul

All my plans are eaten soon
Wake up, it's time to test you
Did you wake up with that impression?

Better unfold it and get done with
And get that rip attention form me
Ways down, respect,

He didn't care about where he came from (???)
Old man, respect
Hold the legacy and come here down

Trust me, we're so complex

Spread disease from the crucifix
I forget the oblongness
Break your gut, I'm built for it

In a way, it's all dirty glimpse
What do we do? I should have a dream!
Let it go! Everyday badgery

And then we get to my name, yeah, yeah
Wake up, he said, she's a kid,
why you standing there for?

Oh, man, I said, come here,
lets see what you're made of
Man, man, let me explain

The way I make my living is driving me insane
And all the centuries carbonate me
I'll neva get (???)

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