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I want to smash your house, i want to scratch your car, i want to **** your wife, i want to break your life, i want to feel you snap, i want to hear you ****** crack. i don't like the world today; i'm going to rebuild it my own way. i'm a man, i am society, i don't like you so i'll turn you into me so you'll just have to learn it's for the best. i've heard it only hurts for a moment the baiting of the public. you can't stand the sight of me and all the troubles i bring. i showed you what it's like to ****** hate your life now you see things like me and you will never be the same. we cancelled all your plans, you want to give up man. you ruined life for us; we'll ruin life for you. shout, cry asking why you feel like %#@!. you want to die

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