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FT Island lyrics : "Neverland"

Hidden in the shadows of the desert sands
Searching for some life in this forsaken land
A voice calling me from far

Close to endless sands
Memories of the life in you are blown away
Buried in the ripples of the sands that sway

Like tears we cry
Regretting all we have done and now we have to pay
Where is the love then the light from her smile

Will it enter you now
Well, i'll find the lights
Shining in your smile

Go go go
Just keep going on
Till we lost all of tomorrow's

Go go go
Cause i made a vow
I'm never gonna turn my back

Oh you kick them dust and wipe the tears from yesterday's best sorrow
Go go go
Into the horizon

Keep yourself, i'll ride the wind to you

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Thanks to alexandrap