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FROST lyrics : "Promise"

Tell me that you love me
Promise me you'll never leave me

I know I'm not the only one
I know your running games
Tell me that you need me

Promise me you'll never leave me
I know I'm not the only one
I know your runnin games

My girl checking my neck, smelling my clothes
And checking my pager, asking if I hate her

Somebody said that I'm a player
And they got videos from out Vegas
At the house of blue, with two (*##$s in my room

Now she wanna sing that tune, she said she's leaving
She said I won't be seeing her soon
Stormed out the room, then came back

You know all girls do, anything with degree
She's flying at you, slapping at you
Rest at chits, somebody's lying

Don't believe the rumors you hear, you know how I deal
You know i steal, and die with you, first one to hit you
And still with you, stuck to it, you name it, I put it through it

Said she would've left me, way back but couldn't do it
The truth is, the (*##$ is running they mouth
But i don't know what they talk bout

Straight up girl, I promise


Girl what you in it for, you tell me I've changed
You tell that I caught up in my selfish ways

Take it back to the day, when me and you meet
You was playing hard to get cause all i wanted was sex
She let me get up in it, cause we feelings inside

We went from lust to a trust, now she thinks that I'm lying
I'm just trying to make it best of us
She was just jealous of a girl

In the club, when she was dancing right next to us
Killer swap tried to step to her but she was jocking
Acting like I all ready crepted with her

Now do you want this just as bad as I
Criticized by your friends cause your man's living the rap life
Sometimes it's so hard satisfy

Got every one around you what kind of man I'm I
You'd promised me you'll never leave
Doesn't mean your gonna keep it no secret

No she promise me you'll keep it real


Now if you don't mind me asking
Why do you always thinking that I'm cheating

And just because I'm a rapper not's a reason
Yeah I'm always leaving even get to call you on the weekend
Telling me you I never hear you speaking

Always trying to find me when I'm sleeping
Going through the Lincoln
Creeping, swerving at you gonna catch me Snipping,

You Tripping listen to your daddy, baby doll
Yeah is hard, but you just gotta listen to your heart
When I'm lost, feeling like my life's falling apart

Who's the one that treats me like star
Far from home but you the one holding the loot
Holding the gun hoping I'm gone holding it down

You should know by now ain't no messing around
Baby I promise you now it ain't the way I get down
Girl I promise

[hook till end]

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