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FROST lyrics : "Last Days"

(feat. Above The Law, Kokane)


[Kokane:] the whole $#[email protected]' world is goin' mad [Laughter]
well check this out
what the $#[email protected] would you do if you only have five minutes

to live
would you do some evil %#@!
[Km.G:] hell yeah

[Kokane:] or would you repent the name of your mother$#[email protected]' soul
yo Frost
[Frost:] what's up

[Kokane:] tell these mother$#[email protected] your last confession

[Verse 1: Frost]

the murders, I never really planned them
I just read through the telephone book chose them randam
Mrs Jones, 215 South Michigan, Apartment 14, yo my victim

I'm at home polishin' my Chrome and rollin' joints
and put the silent knot in the tips of the hollow points
dumb (*##$, left the door unlocked

now I'm puttin' on my Ski mask and .45 is @@#!ed
tryin' to stay quit, the front door is squeezed
anxious, I haven't seen blood of weaks

known that cops wanna fold me
thinkin' of some %#@! my psychiatrist told me
but $#[email protected] it, I wanted so that I taste it

one more fantasy for feelin' this one life wastin'
and they said I have a $#[email protected] up view
now purpose through our head and here's your moment of true...

[Chorus x2: Km.G]
we have been to the last days

last equation, in this situation
nobody seems concern
as the world turns, as the world turns

[Verse 2: Cold 187Um]
now see it was once said, yo reap what you sow

but I guess I forgot what I was told
ugh, I came deep yo, I can't sleep
I'm havin' a vision of the homey layin' dead in the streets

"who did it, who did it"
I don't know, kept peepers over this (*##$
on the North side named sherk

so now we on the who-ride, to check that nympho
pistol whipped, the hoe told the Info
made her call that mother$#[email protected] up, told her tell him that you ^^&$#*

tell him that you wanna $#[email protected], and when she finished
I told her have a nice day
I shot her in the head twice, put her down the hallway

right about me, I heard a car pulled up
yeah, hear comin' the punk, but he about to get $#[email protected]
ugh, knock, knock, I let the door slide open

and let my Desert Eagle, do the smokin' fool....

[Verse 3: Km.G]

I can exchangin', I can handlin'
I still flow for all my partners
cause suckers doin' damage

now I'm on the other side, ^!$$% is lookin' in
shootin' letters from the Pen, address in my kid
what up, they just shouts to the 'Row

Choas to the left, seven else to the rows below
and we waitin' for an appeal, so chill
and they capin' to put up a double meal tickets

so now we kick it, ooh I $#[email protected] up and I'm still doin' wrong
and trip while write these fly $$# rap songs
teachin' to the balls as I steal

cause doctor said we can't get the cheer mother$#[email protected]

[Chorus x2: Km.G]

we have been to the last days
last equation, in this situation
no body seems concern

as the world turns, as the world turns

[Verse 4: Frost]
lookin' at my clock tickin' in my cell
11:55, five minutes to hell [Clock Strikes]

soon I will be deceased, takin' to the priest
how did I become this caged up beast
the guard said open up cell block six
I never really liked that son of a (*##$
just the punishment fits the crime

a boy said come on, Frost it's time
shackle, walking through the corridor
there were faces, that I never saw before
insert the prosecuter, and some from the press
no bly verse and no last request

I've come strapped and my ankles and wrists
hittin' my eye shed not even resists
and then I get the Grim Reaper kiss
the lights went dim and all you heard was this....

[Outro: Spanish AD LIBS]

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