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FROST lyrics : "East Side Rendezvous"

(feat. O.G. Enius, A.L.T.)

[Intro: Diane Gordon]

[chanting ahh]

[Verse 1: Frost]

I just woke up thank god it's friday

fire up the lac and hit the highway jump
to the carwash so we can hit them whitewall tires
Sedan DeVille sitting on L.A. Wires

and it's gotta be 80 degrees
I got a check in my pocket for 15 G's
hit the first interstate now I'm straight

stop at the record store to pick me up an old school tape
back in my ride see the spin of the tires
Kid Frost rolling bumping Earth, Wind, & Fire

it feels good holding 15 grand
so I parked the Sedan and I strolled in the green spans
give me a pair of your 50 30

cascades cortes that are jet black
hoodie headed back home got geed up fool
it's an eastside rendezvous yeah yeah

[Chorus: Diane Gordon]

Come on and roll with me
on that late night rendezvous
come on and roll with me

like them OG's do

Come on and roll with me

on that late night rendezvous
come on and roll with me
like them gangstas do

[Verse 2: O.G. Enius]

Now who beat that brand new daddy of the year
I swear baby we're going to take you there
it's me that eastside G you never heard of

with A.L.T. and them folks getting much love
through the neighborhoods through the city
woofers in the back bumping do wah ditty yeah

drop a line to them hookers for their info
pack their smokes LA capping with their khackis low
because we're some true playas bandits

got them hinas at the hotel and they can't stand it
I got that sexual healing on them
36 double deuce 36 and I'm feeling on them

ooh eee I see
she got it going on like a true whiz gee
but I'm a stay true

P-I-M-P from the eastside


[Verse 3: A.L.T.]

Now it's friday night and everything's all right
so just sit back relax and enjoy the flight
see A.L.T. hitting corners in the 63

now I'm straight rendezvousing through the SGV
as the 18's blast pop the the tape in the dash
bumping old school flues like Teddy Pendergrass

I can feel the heat coming out from underneath my seat
I never heard the word defeat
it's the middle of july so it's hot

I think of Kid Frost he's been courting at the G spot fool
Frost said I hope the one time don't stop ya
I don't give a damn I'm sipping Malibu and Vodka

I'm on that San Bernardino
In the fast lane because baby got some hinas out in Chino
and you know that I'm a G'd up fool

it's an eastside rendezvous when I loud

[chanting ahh]

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