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FROST lyrics : "Bamscena"

Si, man
Cuz it's like this

Twin 45's on my side
A big killer, filled with Mexican Pride
I'm wanted, dead or alive

I'm down for the battle on the back of a horse with no saddle
So guard your banks, and your stagecoaches
The next time mother$#[email protected] Kid Frost approaches

Cuz "Ima take you out" is my motto
I'm eating out the worm in the tequila bottle
I got my boots on the table

Once again it's on at the Tombstone Saloon
They say the deck had five aces
So I strapped on my quettes and took ten paces

I turned around, *bang bang* was the sound
Now there's a dead man laying on the ground
A notch in my belt cuz it's like that

And then I took a piss in a dead man's hat


Bam, see ya
Wouldn't wanna be ya
Blasting on fools like Pancho Villa

Bam, see ya
Wouldn't wanna be ya
Blasting on fools like Pancho Villa

Kid Frost held up the 3 o'clock train
Smoked four fools, and now they sound the same

$#[email protected] Doc Holiday and Jesse James
I got my gun in my holster, my face on some posters
It's a three day ride to the border

Outsmart the marshall, $#[email protected] law and order
I got by the seat of my pants
I stop to see my (*##$ at the Mustang Ranch

How many men can I gun down?
Back on the trail before sundown
Because the sheriff's got a posse

Thinking they can stop me
Apache territory's where they lost me
I knew they could never see me

Hangin from the branch of a big oak tree
It's me and my gang if you think you can tame us
$#[email protected] that %#@! boy, I'll make you famous

[Chorus x2]

Riding threw a trail of brush and trees
I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees
They sent in the cavalry

The US Army, tried to disarm me
A fifty man posse, a three man gang
The odds ain't good, but it ain't no thang

See, somebody's always trying to hurt me
But I come blasting through the door with my $#[email protected] 30-30
I fire off one more round

And leave Dodge City looking like a ghost town
Cuz I done battled the Apache, $#[email protected] the Comanche
Stomped on the cavalry as if I was a stampede

I $#[email protected] up Buffalo Bill, and Billy The Kid when it starts to get in
So if you wanna bet, then I'm your number one bet
And this is what I'm saying as I'm riding through the sunset

[Chorus x3]

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