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FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY lyrics : "No Limit"

"Back against the wall, now!"
"Well, I don't need to stand for any of this %#@!!"

Cancel the time
Stop the disturbance,
Turn out the lights,

I don't want to see.
Shut down the mind
End all its functions

Destroy all the rules
Block all emotions.

Stop interference,
Just be cold.
Leave me alone -

I don't want it.
Find someone else, to be your slave
It's too late.

"Well, I don't need to stand for any of this %#@!"
"Hands against the wall now!"

The damage is done.

Throw out your thoughts
Start again.
Malicious redemption - the options are few.

Blow up the world
And start again.
Move through the night with caution.

The damage is done...

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