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FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY lyrics : "Infra Red Combat"

A quiet moment
Fills the air
This tolldrum

Of our existence

The faith we lost

In time of fear
Mesmerized by
This resistance

No reason now
For Despair

This final message
Of persistence

We pray
We hold
Onto this dream

This evolution
Of persecution

The red in Their eyes
Constricts the flow
This frozen ground

Of true conviction

Shadows of men

Move through the earth
This human target
Of extinction

A final shot is
Solemnly heard

Who will get this
Final word

The earth covers
The shattered remains
Life and death

Are really the same

The pain you feel

Is not for real
The moments you spend
Wondering how it

Would end

In a time

In a place
In a State
Of honor and grace

In a breath
In a Death

In a sound
You'll be found

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