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F*ck the lock out
Game is on
Please be clear this is an invasion

Gangsta grill %#@! [email protected]$(
Another day drink smoke just another episode

Everything you witness been the realest %#@! you ever saw
Know a couple ^!$$%s that be down for that 25
Know couple bad (*##$es down let the homies ride

Redbone Maserati two tones riding shotty
I'll be low key like G cold told that snow man skin slow

Stuntin on the ^!$$%s let the haters watchin
Is black tee black sneaks black feel me watchin
Ride on home team f*ck me over side

Side on the beat suicide

Hook: X2

I got diamonds on my neck hammers on my hip
Friends upon the stove need another lick
I get money on my mind (*##$ upon my line

I don't want that hoe (*##$ i'm on my grind

I thank the lord for everything i got and giving me life ..

Forget it when the ^!$$% qot shot
I've seen a lot of ^!$$%s get the lies till they glass pie
Thank lord for the clock ..with the bloss

The watch, the weed, the licks, .. in motha f*cka car
So much pain with me you gonna find your finest ..
I'll be bang bang homie

I stay flame homie i aint' think ..middle finger f*ck you
Change homie drugs runnin all through the brain
They say my mind poisoned wanna kiss the venom

[2 x Hook:]

I got diamonds on my neck
Real ^!$$%s nasty ..heaven told mama say perfect
You either real or yu aint there aint no between .. %#@! i can catch .. that ash ..with that other ^!$$%

On the pistol we be passion ^!$$%, tell em not the law
..i'ma f*ck em all, tell em f*ck the moe, tell em ..
..the marsh all we blow is .. certify hood ^!$$% check my .. face bar

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Thanks to scumpica_nico