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FREEWAY lyrics : "Temple University Freestyle"

yoh, my name's really free, alive from ?
i like pretty chicks but i don't like bimbos
you know my name free you know that i'm flyer

and you know my hat and my jacket is the flyers
just like this jersey, lord have mercy
i'm a real mc, can nobody hurt me

my name fully ? and you know i ? the city
the 3 girls in the room are all pretty
and the guys here really are cool

my man got the hard top any ? fool
you know i got the low top matter of fact the body
my name fully free but you can call me

mister get the money cause my pocket's ?
his name is jimmy and het get money cause he ? videos
and you know other hoes ?

?and i keep the ? louie
and so is my socks, you know my name ?
i used to flip the rocks now i flip the videos

and i get to walk early, year, alright ?

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa