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FREEWAY lyrics : "Rolling Down The Freeway"

You know I'm rolling with the FREEEEEEEWAY
My boy don't take no slack

Rollin down the FREEEEEEEWAY
Were tryin to SEEEEEEE what we can SEEEEEEE
I'm with the FREEEEEEE its all I need the ROC is all I need I'm with the Free

You know I'm rollin down the FREEEEEEE

[Verse 1: Freeway]

Who you with ma freeway flow too legit to quit
Not too legit to spit crimes
Did shoot out on you front steps music

Put the intro teck to it in front of your step moms
And I write hooks make you break your neck to it, make you like crooks
Close you eyes I can take you to the hood B

Closer that you could be bumping the hood chickens
With intising looks that pack nines half the hood ^!$$%z roll with shoties
Other half got watch they bodies

From the ^!$$%z with the black mask, snatch cash, $#[email protected] the lottery
Even a strong arm robberies strong ties to Bobby
And its long time in these lines and lobbies so we all grind

Cops, 6000 and bonnies and we on time let a clip flow through your body
Got the macks, he got the nines, I got the gats, he got the ride, we rolling out


[Verse 2: Freeway]

Verse two you in my will then (*##$ you close
To the ^!$$% that make all the moves in the hood
Rock jewels in the hood feel safe when you come through

Cruise trough the hood and from the ghetto to the burbs
My ^!$$%z they pedal birds and hocus pocus smokers notice
I went from every day making a service

To pulling up to the curb in big $$# excursions
Hogging up the road and my eighth grade teacher Mrs. Lee hope you listening
Something with my life fool something with the right fool

Made it through the night that was night school
Made the right moves with the right crew don't be ridiculous
Cash rules don't be ridiculous skip school and I'm getting it

Click booms what I get it with still hit fools where they living at
She got the gauge, I got the mack, she got the weed, I got the bat, we rolling out


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