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FREEWAY lyrics : "Roc-A-Fella Billionaires"

(feat. Jay-Z)

Rocafella millionaires (*##$, early, that's right, haha

{Hey Big Sp-, Hey Big, Hey, Hey Big Spender}

[verse 1:]

30 mill in the bank, 30 grand on the wrist-and
20 mill in the Swiss-and, 30 birds in a tank

Diamonds all in the face, blind ya face when it glisten
Ace of Spade not that Crissy, man you know what we drink
Got my automa-k, in my new Gucci slippers

I bring my loafers from Louie, what the $#[email protected] did you think?
When I step in the place, (*##$es running up to me...yelling
{Hey big spender!}

Chea, Chea, Chea, Chea
I turn a nick to a dime, dime to some millions

A brick to the Roc, the Roc into some buildings
When ya ^!$$% feeling I might see about a billion
'Fore I leave the building, now that's what I call a billing

Uh, balling, you still crawling, children, call him
When ya start walking I be wheeling, flooring
Something foreign, no ceiling, chilling...hey, hey, hey...hahaha

{Hey big spender!}


{Hey big spender!} That's what them hoes say
{Hey!} Hov pouring rose-ay

{Hey!} Rose gold, royal oak, audemars piguet
(Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey (Chea) Hey

That's what them hoes say
Free pouring rose-ay

Rocafella millionaires, we stack that paper everyday, yeeeah
(Hey) Yeah (Hey) Yeah (Hey) Yeah (Hey) Yeah (Hey) Hey
{Hey big spender!}


[Verse 2:]

I'm a jet fuel abuser, now 7-4 to the 5
Hova's dough is on autopilot, I don't even drive

In the Bach with my shoes up, I just took back the Phantom
Too many $#[email protected] could fathom, what it felt like to have em
I just copped me an all-things, a professional ball team

Tell me I ain't the illest hustler ya'll seen
When you don't buy out the bar, you buy the bar, guess what ya called?
{Hey big spender!} Ha,ha,ha,haaa

I got some dough on the block, got some dough getting wrists
I got a villa in Tahiti and I don't owe no rent

I got that paper for real-a, and these ^!$$%s finally thinking
Keep my cake up in the safe and take a slice of the villa
Three hundred grands of damn willa, why ya'll ^!$$%s debating

I'm copping, ya'll ^!$$%s hating cuz I'm making that scrilla
They know me F-Baby gorrilla, when I step in the building, they saying
{Hey big spender!}


[Verse 3:]
[Freeway:] Although I'm good with addition, the flow so scientific
[Jay-Z:] Coldplay like Chris, so I reverse the system

[Freeway:] Came from poverty striken [Jay-Z:] to the top of the Forbes
[Freeway:] Now the property's listed [Jay-Z:] in high society district
[Jay-Z:] '76 is the floor [Freeway:] '94 with the raw

[Jay-Z:] '96 with the flow [Freeway:] 2008 with the spitting
[Freeway:] Now drop a grip up in the mall, two hundred grand at the district, we living, (*##$es


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