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FREEWAY lyrics : "Life"

(feat. Beanie Sigel)


I came up with my man, same hood, same age
Witheld names to protect the guilty and
Your boy Free was filthy, same clothes, different day

Be the first to admit it, while ^!$$%z claim to be
willies, hey
We cleaned up the first donny I drove

Cooled up the first tommy I seen, follow the flow
Smoke a timmy, with this semi, made his chimney move
Nerves made his body shake, everybody froze

So young with a pump and a mac
Still manage to make it the magic, the bad kids
On the block, with a bundle of crack, package of pills

All heads will try to teach us to rhyme
He said Muhammed walk with a sword, I roll with a gat
This the same %#@!, different day, from times

Now my man Book ain't writing me back
So I figured, I'll try to reach 'em with rhymes, no listen to Mac

[Chorus: singer]
We thuggin' for life
Gonna take it, oww

And then enough
Ain't no mistakin'
But it's for life, it's my life

Not for the taking

[Beanie Sigel]

To all my boys in the hood, the East coast throw boy back
From the land of them throw boys black
I keep my toast in the hood, gon' squeeze

Hope you throw yours back
Come to the streets to bring my homeboys back
Blew my mind out this piece, but I'm always back

I got sheet in my air, like mac, fall away back
Shiit, I'm trynna come way up
And make the path so freak, I tear the runaway up

Uh, my life a (*##$ with a period on
But still I keep it real, dog, I'm hittin' it raw
And I don't know how to carry this (*##$

Sometime I wanna marry this (*##$
Sometimes I feel like quitting this [email protected]^%
But I can't cause it feel like, giving it all

I've been on so $#[email protected] much, feel like my living was all
But in my lifetime, I'm a deliver regrets
Still with the evils, know that one day I'ma sit with the boss


[Freeway (Beanie Sigel)]
It's not even close, we throw toast, sleep with ya gats
It's the worst of both hoods, holla at 'em Mac

(Follow up exact with the Mac, and the v
Get back, if you happen to see, the Mac or Free, at where you be)
I be where you at, I come where you live

The cat untuckle the gat, manuever the thing
(The Mac untuckin' a pump, removin' they wig, with ease
Hear the feds trynna ruin the boss Sieg'

Before they kill me like Cornbread, you be like Diallo
Before I'm stuck like luima, I be up when you need it)
And I'ma ride for you, lace up my sneakers, puffin' my reefer

Tuckin' my heater, duckin' your rounder, uh
Tell 'em tricks they gonna die when I see 'em
Let 'em know my friend colt 45 trynna meet with they mind

But we keep drama, think, rhyme is the reason
And Freeway the reason that you tied up in pajamas, uh


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