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FREEWAY lyrics : "Let's Go"

(feat. Memphis Bleek)


ch ch, ch ch, uh, uh, ch ch uh
Just Blaze, Free, jeah, uh
IT'S THE YEAR 2003! and we facin off

And we got what it takes to ball
If you got what it takes for DE-fense when you leave the bench
Bring your ball, game, sneaks, and all

GET LOST! if you ain't come to win
Don't got what it takes to play
It's NBA and we break the rim

Post up and shoot the J
Get the rebound, do it again
HE SCORES! that's two more points

Add it to the scoreboard, wave to the crowd
Actin all wild, didn't see my coach
Took it overboard, got a flagrant foul

OUCH! that hurt a little
But I got what it takes to win
Crossover then I work the middle (right)

Take mine, shoot from the line (uh)
Climbed up, scored again
They go LIVE!

[Memphis Bleek]
yo they call me EA Bleek cuz I'm in the game

I play zone D, nobody don't drive the lane
Can't knock when I'm hot, stop pull up J or
Cross 'em over to the paint all day or

Thread the needle like Magic in his prime
Trust you gotta foul me, send me to the line
Cuz it's free throws (yup) and I'm good with those

Off the glass to Free, he good with those
And your squad can't 'bound, gettin housed around
Coach you gotta sub 'em, sit a couple of 'em down

But me, I'm gonna do it til it finish (what)
I ball all four quarters, all forty-eight minutes
Me? MVP, they envy Bleek

Got the squad gettin hot live (*echo*)
We East champs dog get it right
Trust you wanna play? bring the ball, we get nice

Let's go

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