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FREEWAY lyrics : "Baby Don't Do It"

(feat. Scarface)

[Intro - Sample from "Overture Of Foxy Brown" by Willie Hutch]
(Sugar don't do it)

(Don't let 'em down)

[Verse 1 - Freeway]

State Property and Roc is the label, I keep the burner by the navel
So don't you think about stoppin me, that ^!$$%
(Young Hov) he bring businesses to the table

So I ride for 'em, (blast for 'em), hit y'all ^!$$%z with the Mag
Y'all think we fallin off (no, no, no, no, no, no)
hammers leave you torn apart, dump your body with the trash

Freeway, flow right where he left it
I'm from the hood where they will clap any second (do it)
These ^!$$%z up to no good

Roll up on you while you're roll in your woods (no, no, no, no, no, no)
You never stood a chance, hood claims another man
Hammers stay with rubber grip, wrap change in rubber bands

Once broke, now the dough is pathetic
And so is the ^!$$%z I ran with, they'll wet you
they will get you, they addicted to chasin ^!$$%z with weapons

So (baby don't do it), learn from the last eight losers
We had it locked for the last eight summers and I contribute to two of 'em
More like three, got more icy

And more heat to turn your white T, burgundy
So (baby don't do it), chea, this is more than just music
I will @@#! it, shoot it and leave you to lose it

^!$$% (sugar don't do it), my ^!$$% Beanie Sigel he'll lose it
he will @@#! it back and shoot it and leave you
Don't $#[email protected] with the people (do it)

Uh, if you think that you built (do it)
I think that you not, I think that I will
(no no, sugar don't do it), dump lead in your grill

Uh, you still tryin to be rich, I'm tryin to be Hoffa's can rhyme
but I'm in a bind, roll with the mobsters (no, do it)
Jay, Dame Dash and Hoffa, movie directors and authors, connects with the office

Freeway got connects with the bosses
I get a quote from the dealer, you connect with the auction, ^!$$%
I'm still prepared for your squadron, I tear off my target vest

Cover my organs, Calico with the cartridge

[Verse 2 - Scarface]

In a destructive manner, we blast on bammers
Trash talkin in a Chevy '63 Impala
Downplayin dumb %#@!, ^!$$%z is real with this

$#[email protected] around and say the wrong words and we killed the (*##$ (baby don't do it)
Sticks and stones may break a ^!$$% bones
But when I up chrome, I get a mother$#[email protected] gone (go home) (do it)

Shoot Patron, chased with Lemon Drops
Smoke purple until I'm too high, cryin, vibin to 'Pac ("All Eyez On Me")
Done wrong, gon' get done wrong (no, no, no, no, no, no)

But how I feel and how I live homeboy, won't fit in one song
Free, I know you feel me daddy, all a ^!$$% know
Was to get money and once you got your money, ^!$$%z stole

'Cause who knows where %#@! goes when this plays out (no, no, no, no, no, no)
Rap music brought a ^!$$% pay days without a doubt
But, what do you do when it's all said and done?

Ain't nobody checkin for records and won't nobody come
Life goes on, I don't want to be another Joe
Fifty-five doin concerts, relyin on his shows (baby don't do it)

So, I stack my green, to match my means, straight Jewish
When ^!$$%z spent money, I ain't do it
Just 'cause you lookin like you ballin in the eyes of the public

How many really think he got to touch it? (baby don't do it)
Yo, a fool at forty, a fool forever
Don't be a forty year old fool, dude get cheddar (cheddar) (sugar don't do it)

Hey, I got to live with my mistakes, so I'm a take 'em
And put 'em into words, that way we all ain't got to make them (do it)
Take them words I put off in this song (do it)

Live your life by it, ^!$$% take your chance, you on your own (no no, sugar don't do it)
But my advice is to anyone who tries
Every time you take your next breath, just be prepared to die

Don't do it

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