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FREDO SANTANA lyrics : "Sh*t Real"

[Hook: Fredo Santana]
Smoke about a zip a day boy this %#@! real
^!$$%s kill every day boy this %#@! real

Nines, AKs in my trap boy this %#@! real
Try to play me you get whacked boy this %#@! real
This %#@! real (2x)

Pouring up a pint of lean boy this %#@! real
Everything ain't what it seems but this %#@! real
This %#@! real (2x)

[Verse 1: Fredo Santana]
Pull up on your block boy this %#@! real

Hop out with them 30s and just letting off shells
Whipping chickens and I whip them bi**hes as well
I'm a hitter by myself cause ^!$$%s a tell

^!$$%s goofy as f**k, you can't confuse me
Do a drill with this nine or with this Uzi
These ^!$$%s little ^!$$%s I swear they where my shoes

Just ate, still hungry, where the food be?
You say you getting money ^!$$% can't fool me
Ain't going in the club unless I get in with my tooly

[Hook: Fredo Santana]

[Verse 2: RondoNumbaNine]
Try to play me I let off that f**king Glock quick
With a mop stick and aim it at your conscience

I go crazy for the gang I go crazy
I'm riding in a foreign with a thot smoking lazy
Put me and Fredo on the drill we go crazy

And all that sucker %#@! you talking just don't faze me
Got the f**king SK with 100 so amazing
Smoking out this pound, yeah I'm steady flaming

Got the f**king chopper I hit your block and get the spraying
Leave your f**king block with bodies just laying

[Hook: Fredo Santana]

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