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Baby girl, my homie, my lover, my whole world,
Got the man ?but the body was so?
Sixteen looking twenty-five,

I'm passing notes in class for the $$#,
Anything to get 'em between the thighs.
Try to put my stamp on the %#@!,

The whole $#[email protected] school
Wanna put the clamps on this (*##$.
But you always kept it cool from the jump,

I flirt it, but never?
I'm in the?
Made a $#[email protected] on the bus,..

You promised me the #[email protected] be waiting for the whole day,
$#[email protected] it, let the boy slam,
She couldn't be any louder than the next day

I watch out, ..
Mother $#[email protected] villains, my [email protected][email protected] think I'm the man,
Now they're thinking they could get on with it,

They probably can,
Cause I sit the down to?
?she was nothing, that baby lost the?

Chorus: (x2)
I never knew love like this before,

Steady blinking me for what I was twisted?
A young love affair and it ain't gonna last,
Cause we're growing way to fast!

(We're growing way to fast)

Baby girl, you ..

A couple ?

Used to stick the plus,

Now you graduated the?
Guess I'm moving too slow
But my [email protected][email protected] are approaching,

I'm still catching the bus, cause I ain't got.. for you
Wrong [email protected][email protected] be picking you up,
..giving it up, [email protected][email protected] wanna be pimp, [email protected][email protected],

..and never let you down!
Get my name with the?
You're getting fed by the street,

So on the street you gonna kneel, but on the real,

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