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FREDDIE GIBBS lyrics : "Serve Or Get Served (interlude)"

Slamming, Look it up (*##$ I'm the definition of it
Make that Hardcore thuggish %#@!, could care less if the (*##$es love it
But they do cause I stay True, They Rushing Takin Pictures of Us

Gangsta Trill as Bobby Seale, (*##$ I'm the New Rendition of Him
Real ^!$$%, Reputable Reputation
Pockets Get too low, I Heat the Stove up with no hesitation

Find a Block and pick a spot to eat like I got reservations,
Lay you to rest if you can't relate to my new revelation,
No this ain't no [email protected][email protected] rap, no I don't promote that,

I simply illustrate my life I live it as I wrote that,

And yea I served some geekers, took some trips, and brought some dope back,

But that don't make me harder than nobody you could quote that,
I represent the Loc'd out, low-class, 20 dollar dope bags,
Drop you for yo mother$#[email protected] last [?]. with' our broke $$#.

Either you the server or the mothe$#[email protected] gettin' served,
Could'ntwait to load it in his pipe and let it burn, Str8 kill

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