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FREDDIE GIBBS & MADDLIB lyrics : "Shame"


Time to shut it on down baby, you know what I'm sayin'?

You sure you want to do this %#@! tonight because it might hurt baby, you know what I'm sayin'?
Might hurt you when I, get up in the morning and leave
Take that walk you know what I mean?

Freddie GibbsL

When I hit you up I'm talking about bangin' something
Chill off in your crib and have a thing, probably make it stank or something

Girl you like my bottom (*##$, post my bail, pay for my lawyer
Play your position when them other hoes get out of order
When you wanna give me that #[email protected]? You purchase a plane ticket

Run around town, when I bust her down they want %#@! like them lames did it
Got her dick whipped, my dick smeared with lipstick
Basically if this (*##$ lay with me she payin' me, I'm on some pimp %#@!

For real!
It's 2 A.M. club was bout' to close up
Thumbing through my contacts bout' to call one of my hoes up

Then I met you, kicked game and followed you to the breakfast spot
$#[email protected] you like I married you that night up in the Marriot
Scream like you got your cherry popped

$#[email protected], switching up positions
Thought this %#@! would never stop
Mother$#[email protected] an intermission


(Here we are again)

Hook x2: (BJ the Chicago Kid)

It ain't got to be the walk of shame, baby
But that's only if you know the game, baby
Later I can't be the one to blame, baby

But for now take the walk of shame, baby

Freddie Gibbs:

Straight Slammin'
Sleepin' with pistols under my pillow

We wake and bake, she up naked twistin' up cigarillos
I beat that Thursday night and Friday morning, off to work she go
Time to take that walk, just take this dick, don't take it personal

Your friends probably gonna call you a ho, but you should have known
Them (*##$es want a grip from the same dick you be sitting on
And your girl Monique, she be hitting me when her ^!$$% gone

Trying to buy some weed she proceed with nothing but Vicky's on
Nothing but $$# and [email protected]%$, but I let that $$# convince me
Took it in that, hit that, wish I could say it was accidentally

Like I stepped on a banana peel and fell in that #[email protected]
Y'all ^!$$%s be spending all kind of scrill to get in that #[email protected]
And she cop a seven every Friday

Chuck the deuces at her baby daddy as I pulled up out the drive-way
For real

(Here we are again)

Hook (x2)

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