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FRED EAGLESMITH lyrics : "Here;s The Keys"

Well it sure is good to see you galAnd you sure are looking fineI hardly recognized youIt's been such a long timeThe last time that I saw youYou were cruising down the lineWith some new heart I guess you brokeAnd then you set asideAre you looking for a new one to just driveHere's the keysTake mineWell I know your reputation galAnd frankly it's a dragI know you've broken every single heartYou've ever hadYou say you're going around the blockBut then you drive around the bendAnd you twist and turn and crash and burnUntil there's nothing left of themBut I think this timeYou'll be surprisedHere's the keysTake mineWell at 50 miles an hour, gal, I'm barely getting goingAt 85 I think that you'll find I'm starting to turn onAt a hundred and ten, little darlin', then if you think you're thereTake 'er up another notch and see if you get scathedYou might want to settle back and let me driveHere's the keysTake mineWell, my heart's crashed into every wallOn every single trackIt's come off the line of fireJust to be towed backI've had it tuned and I've had it timedAnd I've had it checked and checkedAnd Darlin' I don't think you're going to believe the ride you'll getSo if you really want to fall in love this timeHere's the keysTake mine

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