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FRED EAGLESMITH lyrics : "Cold War"

During the Cold WarMy daddy sat at the kitchen tableSmokin' cigarettesStarin' out the windowDuring the Cold warHe had grease on his coverallsAnd lines beneath his eyesWhere the bombs had fallenHe'd drink a couple a beer We'd listen to Johnny Cash on the radioDuring the Cold WarWe had a one story houseOn Mercury and VineAnd the blue glow of the television was on all the timeHis head would nod as he'd fall asleep Upon the kitchen tableMy mother would clear the dishesDuring the Cold WarWe were ten seconds away from blowin' up the worldHe'd fix those old machinesAnd worry 'bout his sons and my mother never drove a carDuring the Cold WarAnd when it finally endedThere was no parade of heroesThere was just a quiet sighAnd life went on My mother went awayShe never came back againAnd things were never the same as they wereDuring the Cold War

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