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FRANZ FERDINAND : What You Meant lyrics

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FRANZ FERDINAND lyrics : "What You Meant"

As I took a step number four
Into the close of your tenement
You cast your darkened eyes so low

Said we're cold as the step cement

But I just don't know what you meant

So Alec you may want a pill
We are so cruel to communicate

Without the red stuff being spilled
We must MDMA our sentiment

But I just don't know what you meant

If we were feckless we'd be fine

Sucking hard on our innocence
But we've been bright in our decline
Been left as blackened filament

But I just don't know what you meant

'Cause I feel blood inside the vein
I feel life inside the ligament
I feel alive yeah just the same

Same vigour and the same intent

So I just don't know if that's what you meant

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