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Frankmusik lyrics : "Ephemeral Summer"

She's my experience
I could erase it
I ended up with more questions

Than I started with

She took me to places

That I'd never see
Things have gone my way again
Now they're just a dream

And I'll be her rebound
If she'd be my love

I gave in so quickly
'Cause I was never enough

I saw her, she was rising
But it wasn't for us
And now I'm falling

I can see where I was

I'm thinking of England

Yea I think of your smile
And I think how I broke you
In my typical style

Ephemeral summer
I'll miss you the most

Ephemeral summer
Now I'll walk alone

Ephemeral summer
Too close to the sun
There won't be another

I thought you were the one

Invisible summer

But where did you go?
I know it's getting better
But time's moving slow

And so I wait for the winter
I'll wait til the end

Ephemeral summer
Such a short time you stand

I won't hold on to memories
Forget what I saw
Girl I'll still remember

When you walked through that door

Now the sky's burning orange

We fall to the floor
Now I think I'll go join them
But I can't take anymore

Ephemeral summer
I'll miss you the most

My ephemeral summer
Now I'll walk alone

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