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FRANK ZAPPA : Wonderful Tattoo! lyrics

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FRANK ZAPPA lyrics : "Wonderful Tattoo!"

[Hermann Kretzschmar voice]

Dear Jim and PFI,

Enclosed are photos of my @@#!
And the wonderful tattoo John [Stackee] in Houston did for me.
We plan to continue the design on my balls the next time I'm in Houston.

I really enjoy PFIQ,
Someday I hope to visit L.A. and meet you.
Bob C.



Dear PFIQ friends
Dear Jim
Dear Jim and PFI

I still want it
I have come to a decision
For those that believe than . . . that bigger is better

Marine hardware stores carry a full line
Of stainless steel rings.
Enclosed are photos.

I just wanted to reassure a woman
Who want nipples pierced
I, frankly

Would rather have a fakir
I will send you a few other pictures as soon as I get them




De-sign on my balls

The next time I'm in Houston
I really enjoy PFIQ
Someday I hope to visit L.A.

And meet you!

The only thing that surprises me

Is that every year I have the urge to have another hole

Do you think, Jim

That a gynaecologist
With the aid of your magazine could do a [email protected]$% hood piercing?

Possibly one day the ultimate experience can be realized

I believe we are witnessing the evolution of a new type of man,

The quintessential being, a person who is totally modern
While at the same time primitive in desires and spirit
I feel this combination is rare in today society.

This type of person has the desire to get things done and it's...
This attribute will help both sides achieve
I'm seeking the quintessential man for myself

Through piercing, tattoos and education.
Possibly one day the ultimate experience can be realized.

My last sexual partner like the jewelry on most occasions
But not all
And I accidentally left the impaling jewelry out of all one night

And half the next day.

Everything is healing nicely.

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