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FRANK ZAPPA : The Dick Kunc Story lyrics

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FRANK ZAPPA lyrics : "The Dick Kunc Story"

I started out in Florida, uh producing a record at a studio, and I got friendly with the engineer, and got interested in engineering. Next thing I knew, I was listening to an album called 'Freak Out!' by the Mothers Of Invention. I became very interested in their concept of music, their concept of, of uh, society in general, and their concept of humor, which I thought was very good, and uh enjoyed, because uh, they were saying a lot- whole lotta bunch of stuff that I wanted to say and I agreed with and thought was true. Then one day I decided, 'I'll move to New York' because the air is clean, and the people are friendly, and everybody's in love. So I went to New York, and I got this job at this incredible twelve track studio. Well, I didn't know from twelve track, I thought four track was really hot stuff. So I went in there and they said, 'here's the board. Learn it.' He go, 'Your first client's coming in in five minutes.' Well, my first client was Frank Zappa,

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