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FRANK ZAPPA : The Air lyrics

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FRANK ZAPPA lyrics : "The Air"

Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals, percussion)
Ray Collins (vocals)
Jimmy Carl Black (drums)

Roy Estrada (electric bass)
Don Preston (electric piano)
Billy Mundi (drums)

Bunk Gardner (piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bassoon)
Ian Underwood (electric organ, piano, harpsichord, celeste, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone)
Arthur Tripp (drums, timpani, vibes, marimba, xylophone, wood blocks, bells, small chimes)

Motorhead Sherwood (tenor saxophone, tambourine)
Ruth Komanoff (marimba, vibes)

The air
Escaping from your mouth
The hair

Escaping from your nose
My heart
Escaping from the scraping

And the shaping
Of the draping...
I'm awaking

In a T-shirt
In a Chevy

At a beach
And I'm freezing
And I'm wheezing

And I know
You were only teasing
Then I hit you

And I beat you
And told you
That I love you

In my car
In a jar

The air
Escaping from your pits
The hair

Escaping from my teeth
My hands
Are gripping

But they're slipping
And they're dripping
'Cause I'm tripping

I got busted
Coming through customs
With a suitcase

Full of tapes
It was special
Tape recording

And they grabbed me
While I was boarding
Then they hit me

And they beat me
And they told me
They don't like me

And I crashed
In my Nash
We can crash

In my Nash

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