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FRANK ZAPPA : Didja Get Any Onya? lyrics

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FRANK ZAPPA lyrics : "Didja Get Any Onya?"



Lowell: Years ago in Germany when I was a very small boy, zere was a lot of

people standing around on ze corners asking questions: "Why are you standing on
ze corner, acting ze way you act, looking like you look? WHY DO YOU LOOK THAT
WAY?" And they ask me and I only would say: "I don't . . . I don't know, I'm

just standing 'round ze corner waiting here . . . just in . . . in ze evening,
and . . . and it's so nice outside . . . the night is so nice . . . why . . .
are you just asking these questions . . . "

Get any

Onya onya onya onya . . .
(Onya . . . )



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