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Francis Magalona lyrics : "Cold Summer Nights"


I keep on blaming my self

I should have eaten my pride
How can I convince you
It's just a matter of time

Many times I've hurt you
With my foolish ways Oh girl
Now I know I have to pay the price

Is there a way for you to turn around,
Turn around and come back baby
Ohh baby can't you see


It's been cold summer nights
Since we drifted apart
Cold summer nights

Since you walked out that door
Cold summer nights here on my own
'Coz I miss you baby, I need you here


Cold summer nights girl, I really miss you
You rocked my world
I wanna touch you and kiss you

It's my fault
I never called you at home
I'm on the phone, wishing you could call

I'm all alone
Is there a way for you to turn around and come back to me
I hope you understand

That I'm your man and together we can kiss
And make up 'coz you know I can't stand
(Repeat Chorus)

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