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Frames lyrics : "Plateau"

I'm on a plateau
It's not where I belong
It's taken so many years

To figure out my way
Upon this plateau
It's all been said and done

And every time I try
The words make little sense until you're gone

And everything must change
Everything must change
Upon this plateau

The diamond sky's enough to take you miles ahead
Where the past can't ever catch us
And all your good friends

Are gathering all around
They say the time is now
And so I must resolve to say

It's just me myself again
And I'm just talking to the wall this time
It's just me myself and I

Deciding on a plan

And everything must change

Everything must change inside you now
Everything must change inside and out
Everything must change, change...

I'm on a plateau
I'm on a plateau...

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa