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Foxy Shazam : Red Cape Diver lyrics

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Foxy Shazam lyrics : "Red Cape Diver"

Step up into the ring
You might have just met your match
You can't control that thing

I would not take that chance
Hey I am the red cape diver
You can talk that talk, can you walk that walk?

I am the red cape diver
Ah it fires torpedoes
So kiss your lolita

Make sure they know you might
Die hug your bambinos
Have your last meal

Make sure they know you're scared
Ah I don't want to die
Tell my momma that I love her

Tell my poppa the same thing
And when I step up into the ring
Pray for me, I'm gonna need it

Both of our eyes lock eye to eye
Battle to the death, which one will die
I'm so scared, I don't want my mom to die

Or my dad or my dog or my best friend
What if my boo boo died, what would I do without them
What would they do without me, what would I do without...

It fires torpedoes, I'm hit, I'm down

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