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Foxy Shazam lyrics : "A Black Man's Breakfast"

I think it was a Sunday morning, clouds in the skies
Smiles on the faces of people walking by.

There was no reason to be sad
No reason to complain.

If you saw the sunrise, you'd probably understand a little more.

I can't wait

To be introduced to the only one that matters.

Say that you love me

Say they you're mine
Say that you'll be there 'til the end.

There were cracks in the streets
And oceans between us
I saw lights in your hair

It's a lazy summer day.

I've got two plane tickets

Two plane tickets to Paris
I've got two plane tickets
Two plane tickets right outta town.

I will always wait for you
And I'll divide the ocean in two

So you can a path to me
I will always wait.

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