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FOXY BROWN lyrics : "Talk To Me"

[Pretty Boy]
Yo, tell Foxy to hold all that down
Aight, hold on

Uhh, that's cool

First (*##$, what

[Foxy Brown]

There ya'll (*##$es go, straight yappin' again
Oh the TV show $#[email protected] up, got you rappin' again
Ya'll (*##$es is scared now, got you rhymin' from the heart now

Been talkin' %#@!, what the $#[email protected] you wanna start now
Mad cause he Pretty
Seent ya fruity $$# straight starin' at my [email protected]%$

Spendin' chips to get me, who me!
Strickly dickly, $#[email protected] wit' no chicks
Only the thuggest cats, with the, stiffest dicks

Picture this, ya'll broke (*##$es wanna see me diss ya'll
Just to get ya'll rich, never
It's simple %#@!, this little navigator

Litte high heeled gators, be gettin' you sick
What the $#[email protected] is this
Ain't ya'll (*##$es supposed to be CEO's, and actresses, whoa

See this dough, this bomb $$# face in this
Pretty roll in this, heavy dough
Don't ya'll chicks know, I inherit from the best

My ^!$$% Jay, so you feelin' the rest
Bnnie and Clyde, (*##$!
You don't worry bout this, he like this

The way the %#@! mines, just look at your wrist
Why is she even trippin' off this hallf $$# %#@!
We rockin' stadiums, splittin' half that %#@!

He like, huh, here go the keys, go flash that %#@!
Matter fact, take this birck, and go stash that %#@!
That's right, I'm bare foot

On the stage with the look
Now you clones, dick ridin' my throne
I'ma let ya'll hoes know, for the first and last time

I'm on that Brooklyn %#@!, and I'm takin' what's mine
Yeah, now you made, ain't no royalties left?
Hah, I'll show you royalty

Dead on your royalty, uhh
I'ma stay talkin' about gettin' proper
Yeah, (*##$, I said it

I'ma dress dress royal
Talk to me...

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