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FOXY BROWN lyrics : "Ride (Down South)"

Let's get it hype, ^!$$%
Let's get it crump

Yeah, yeah, yeah


Pass me them Swisher Sweets, let's get it crump
If a ^!$$% disrespect me I'mma prove my %#@! and dump
Blast ryhmes like I pump, turn your belly to jelly

Veteran MC, I don't think you rookies is ready
Three hundred and fifty pounds of pressure to deal wit
I run with Suave, always packin' something to kill with

Feel this (*##$, when I get rich I'mma still hustle
Go down in history, paper taller then Bill Russel
Kilo flows, I got 'em hid in the [email protected]&(t

Choppin boys up, on some puttin' it in they face %#@!
Eight Ball, F-a-t M-a-c-k, known for layin' it down
And doin' %#@! the playa way

Callabo's of the dough ain't no secret
Space-age pimpin' means I don't do free %#@!
Time waits for no one, it ain't gon' wait for me

Yours truly, signed Eightball and MJG


All my hard core ^!$$%s, what you want to do?
My real thug-ass ^!$$%s, what you want to do?

All my money making (*##$es if you ride with me
I'mma pimp 'till I die and I'mma ride for free

Now where them real (*##$es at
Where them real (*##$es at
Where they at, where they at, where they at, huh?

And where my buck ^!$$%s at
Where my buck ^!$$%s at

Where they at, where they at, where they at, come on

[Foxy Brown]

I ain't new to this
Damn nice (*##$ that's true to this
Money ain't never been a thing to me

Always stack my dough, holla back (uh)
Ass fat, thighs thick, [email protected]%$ perfect
Inhale the cheese from here to Tel Aviv

Y'all know it, %#@! I don't bluff
And no dough? I dont $#[email protected] 'em
$#[email protected] I'mma fake for?

Make mine's, I'mma take yours
Cuz I'm no ^!$$% like love b'fore
Make (*##$ scream like, gimme some more

If a ^!$$% broke, what'd you $#[email protected] him for?
Waste of time
It's like we playette minds

Dont stop, get it get it
(*##$es, take it from a real mother$#[email protected]' pro
Y'all get that dough, we don't trust these ^!$$%s

They gon' pimp if you let them
From NY to the dirty south
And them (*##$es' dime tight

I got my mind right
And my ice got the shine right
And if it don't blind (*##$es

When them lights hit the wrist?
You won't be sticking %#@!
You be lickin' this

[Repeat 1]

I'm the pimp mother$#[email protected], baby
Ice cold, stories so high

I pimp the whole village twice
So tight fold crease right on the president's nose
Pimp clothes, drinkin straight Henney'and Buckstrum

Touch toed, hoes take a centerfold pose
Break a treat, make 'em pay to enter those
Pros, slam those
Game tied tight like bows, we never close
Three-sixty-five, twenty-four

Hand chose bithces a la mode, gettin' sold
Plus a load of killer, as Chronic gettin' blowed
Keep it froze, tucked up in a Tupperware bowl
Stick of gold, somethin' from the school of the old
Forever flows, I take it down as deep as it can go

Burn rolls, braids tight, blazed afros
We're pushin' hoes
Dicks get erect like poles, pay the toll
MJG is in control

[Repeat 1]

Peep dis', you and them boys need to slow down
Up in the morning in the court, it's 'bout to go down

There's no remorse now, better expose rounds
Them jackets be on the lose until the dope is found
Juvenile's my name, (*##$
I represent it to the end, the same %#@!
[email protected]^%s don't be wearin suits on theses blocks
All you see is your boys and reeboks

A thin hat to the back with a strap too
Willin' to bust a ^!$$% $$# if he had to
If you feel the same my [email protected][email protected], you's a hot boy
Blocka, blocka, blocka
Better get up off the block, boy
Call for the cops, boy your mommy or pops, boy
Cash wasn't a million, never hit the spot boy

You want props ha, you sold to the cops ha
You in a cell block ha, cuz you too hot ha

[Repeat 1]

Where the real ones at? Be-atch...

Oh, you know how we feel
About all you 'wanna be' $$# ghetto super stars
Wanna be like 'me $$#" ^!$$%s
Tryin' to be like Foxy Brown (*##$es
I give a $#[email protected] about your intermureal status, motha $#[email protected]
You ain't nobody
We been doing this, been doin' this %#@!

We go way back with this baby
Talkin' about this real %#@! on the mutha $#[email protected]' microphone
Pimps and hoes and gettin' money
Tricks and hoes and $#[email protected]'
Mutha $#[email protected]' clothes and %#@! ridin' vogues and %#@!
^!$$% riding on 20's and %#@!
^!$$% what chu got?

Brand new-assed ^!$$%
You don't know nothin' about this game
Come on

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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