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FOXY BROWN lyrics : "La Familia"

[Verse One: Foxy Brown]

Ill Na Na cap 'em, the Firm team can stop 'em

36 moves, 37 ways triple days triple pays
Na Na, Fox Boogie Firm momma, kineiver
Lady Gadiva, like Scarlet whichever O'Hara

It's hazardous, we lays the lazarus
Dip and probably find her behind the liner, three na na
So what the deal, God I kill for these three for real

You soar cause you bustin' off %#@! to get ya rocks off
The therough, the crime organized mad deniro
And six point one five desero like hero'

Team let's roll on 'em, watch 'em turn (*##$
'Mega stole on 'em, that's how we play this
I slay this, copped the pair of fours $#[email protected] the draws

Really, his pretty had the ^!$$% leary
Mad dipped in, Nas you flipped this
Sos with VSO's twisted, from seperate the real from the $#[email protected] up

We switch up, I gave the stroke though
Ill skin color coco, we loco love is love talk the tre` ocho
Status Illmatic, whatever raw dealer for real-a

Baby girl, yet it's La Familia
I die in a minute for 'em, so side dipped
The four poin six range rover the feelin' over

From Castilano to Columbo, easy the Genevezy
Firm stay jigged in trash and pass, I swear
You know the lose there, straight cop threes

Can't knock thees and drop threes, we cop cheese

[Verse Two: Nature]

Peace and diagnosis, properly supply the dosage
Leave them stuck like parol ^!$$%z and breathes the focus

^!$$% when I squeeze ya pleads is hopeless, we wet though
I jet from the block, ^!$$%z can spot me like UFO's
Dressed the low, jumped in the Q front for who?

No need to stress it though, smokin' my dope countin' decimals
Recognize this, real thugs respect violence
The 1-9-9-6, some are rather dry snitch

Coruptfully, my whole team recieve ???? to be
Some are spare guns, shootin' fair ones in the public streets
Believe the worst, so it seems the whole team is cursed

We totured, drain the whole heat and squeeze first
Never ending tales, when ^!$$%z fall but some prevail
They fake, callin' us together like four Navy war seals

Must I start pullin' jooks or place my trust in God
Force to cover my face, cameras held the case can solve
Ya faith disolves when hump against the next coming

For now I focus on Nature, bet I win something

[Verse Three: Nas Escobar]

I die for my ^!$$%z, stick you for pies and lie for my ^!$$%z
Plead guilty and get the chair and fry for my ^!$$%z

It's essential that we all is there like ya mental
We've been through life, cold blood living simple
Though we learned from old dogs that made it, peeped who they played it

We rated and then evaluated, calculated age is weepy
The days that we see chips freely, beyond whips and TVs
Stock bonds, Lou flipped the CDs

^!$$%z hate to see you on top, they'd rather be you what not
I keep the dessert evil poncot, spot the Vickidees guy quick
While poppin' %#@! that leave ya shot quicker than a hop skip

Specialize in fly %#@!, bs on my breath while ^!$$%z gossip
On the tostic, I'm on some doe or die %#@!

[Verse Forus: Az the Vizuliza]

Check my lingo and all the white ice that make my rings glow

I've seen doe, got a dime wife who Sandimingo
Face it it's mathematics, basics far from fake %#@!
My mind is sacred, my spins shine like a cuban braclet

Egyptian pharoah, roll the [email protected]%!e that used to give me powder
Now I enhale from ???? buckshots through my double barrel
Beneath the town is how it's sounds travels, so what have you?

Keep minds bests, never stopping until they grab you
Used to bust %#@! down wit' test stocks and trust funds
Cheese and CDs so my seed can so touch some, the foulness
I once provoked is now behind me, it gonna take more than sellin' [email protected]%!e
To now to bind me, you had me thinkin' I got to push leek

To keep from sinking, that can out way life
That keep live ^!$$%z from linkin', I saw it coming
That's why slowed down from from dumbin', most of my crew was runnin'
Can't even afford a summons

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