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FOXY BROWN lyrics : "Gangsta Boogie"

La La La La La
It's the mother$#[email protected] B-R-O-W-N

Slow your roll ^!$$%s
It's about to go down my ^!$$%s
I'm outta control still

Bubble slow and
Low in the rov and
Spit stick flow I'm a problem

Y'all can't $#[email protected] with Boog
I'm too hood

F-B the rap Angelina Jolie
Everything from Carty to Chloe
Posha here little Fifthmar there

It's not a game on the mic I'm insane
Snatch back my lane I'm a vince

Carter this
Brown pimp the game and still reign
Since the days of Kane numb 'em like cocaine

^!$$%s read my lips
^!$$% we won;t miss

Get gangsta girl

[Foxy Brown]
Still reppin the K gun in the waist
Hit by the Neptunes

Throw in that bass
Yeah y'all ^!$$%s got a problem
This year

I'm focused man (holla) from my blue and grey Pradas
Rov and 6-4 I'm the locest man
Hotter than dope man

I'm different dog I'm outta (*##$es reach
Y'all (*##$es take heed this (*##$ is deep
One lesson learned ain't nothing sweet

Body a broad I dont play with these broads
Y'all broads be killing me with that chatter
I go at one (*##$ the rest of y'all don't matter

$#[email protected] around like y'all want it
With Brown
My knuckle game vicious

I'm shutting %#@! down ^!$$%s

Get gangsta girl

Gangsta Boogie (^!$$%)
Gangsta Boogie ((*##$)

[Foxy Brown]
Since a little young broad

I been spitting this flame
Smack the %#@! out one y'all broads
Yall mention Fox name

Lord it's a shame I'm such ahead of this game
And you know she's a hot (*##$
When they dirty your name

Give a (*##$ the 5 minutes of fame
Lot of broads ain't acting the same
Not that I knew 'em

But I passed them on a couple of corners
Racking that brain
and the 2 top (*##$es kinda slid off they game

And at the time I was going through my personal pain
Them the sorta things kinda drive you insane
(*##$ betta thank God you slid in the game

Bout to kill (*##$es back
Man it's a wrap

Gangsta girl
Gangsta [x4]

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