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FOXY BROWN lyrics : "Fox Boogie"

(feat. Kid Capri)

[Kid Capri]

Ahhhhhhh yeah... without a doubt!
We up in here chillin, this is the Kiiiiiid Capri
And I'm in the house with Foxy Brown

For the nine-pound, plus one
And we got things goin on, in a big way in here

So what we gon' do right now is want you to get involved
in what's about to happen, yo drop that Foxy

[Foxy Brown]
I'm Don like Perignon, peep me
Continously to (take money) indeed

They keep frontin my Firm'll keep sumpin
Fox uh-oh, freak sumpin
B-12 Coupes flossin, high-post, off me

Killin em softly, like Fugees
My lah be straight cheddar, in K sweater
Them [email protected]#( $#[email protected] dicks, raw dog %#@!

Bubblin mad chips, hard in the six
Where we at (BROOKLYN!) uhh and you know that
^!$$%z'll get dismissed so peep this

I flows on like heron
Don like Deion, rewind the Ill, uhh, Na Na
Layin in the telon, Stone like Shar-on

Let's see, ^!$$%z say he really, yappin about
How that dick be all that, he blowin backs out
please, I was in the drop three it was D

and his man from D.C. on some straight P.D.
I ain't mad Pa Pa, do your thing, get your thug on
Keep holdin, and I'ma keep rollin

[Kid Capri][chorus]
Now let me hear ya say UHHHH (uhhhh)

ah Na Na, Na Na (na na, na na)
And let me hear ya say UHHHH! (uhhhh!)
ah Na Na, Na Na (na na, na na)

And let me hear ya say UHHH (uhhhh)
ah Na Na, Na Na (na na, na na)
Ah let me hear ya say UHHH! (uhhhh!)

ah Na Na, Na Na (na na, na na)
Well here we go

[Foxy Brown]
You know the Na Na is all that
That's why I get briquettes, and lazarus, and all that

In fact, my sex games, all that
Cause when I do my thing, no turnin back
Bet that, I be stashin in C-10

Chrome Lauren, %#@!tin hard in the Benz
Morocco bremen, ^!$$%z scheamin
Shoulda seen em, 850 y'all be men

Gettin his wild on, frontin at the bar
Guzzlin that low, kiko (who he tryin to style on?)
Courvosier sipper, all day

He was ballin, sway while the beat is 360 ways
Anyway, I continues to floss
Iceberg %#@! on the $$# of course

That's how we plays, high-post all day
Come round my way, see a true player play
Fox Boogie, straight ballin all day

You know how I do ^!$$%, Firm way, hey

[Kid Capri][chorus]

Now let me hear you go UHHHH (uhhhh)
ah Na Na, Na Na (ah na na, na na)
And let me hear you say UHHHH! (uhhhh!)

ah Na Na, Na Na (na na, na na)
And let me hear you go UHHHH (uhhhh)
The Ill Na Na, Na Na (na na, na na)

Ah let me hear you go UHH, UHH-uh-uh-UH, uh-uh-UH-uhhhh
(na na, na na)

[Foxy Brown]
When it come to ^!$$%z I'm game tight, game alright
High-post, I plays, the frame all night
Alright, life's ill, push twenty mil
easy, unplugged, $#[email protected] with, only thugs

Pretty ^!$$%z too but I'm, seein you, uhh
Definitely I'm, untouchable, hair
strokin the Na Na is like cocoa
(*##$es a dime go loco for that flow doe
%#@!, it's dangerous, peep the wrist, uhh

Explain this, rocks all crisp
Chicks $#[email protected] for nuttin, please mama
betta get that cheese, villainese, on her knees
Tell her $#[email protected] the mink, she want a persian Land
frontin, from where he talkin cribs then he sayin sumpim

Sexual status, we's the baddest
Girls, we got the weapons, ^!$$%z, got to have this
Pure shan Don frontin, to start sumpin
He buggin, lustin over nuttin, cause I'm gone

[second chorus with slight variations]

[Kid Capri]
Rrrahh, yeah word up this is the Kid Capri
along with Foxy Brown, big shouts to The Firm
Big shouts to the TrackMasters

Big shouts to all my people in the Boogie Down B-X
Word up, and everybody all over the world!!!!!!!
Cause it's goin down like that
as we gon' get this money
We up outta here... love...

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