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FOXY BROWN lyrics : "BK Made Me"

Guiding, a dream
It's where, we always meet

I'm guiding, a dream
It's where, we alway meet

[Verse One]
Got dreams of ending this (*##$, My life is miserable
Make me end this %#@!, find my $$# in critical

No, My nightmares come frequent like they rituals
But my words come swift, divine like the Pennicle
See, that's why I rock my shades, so when I cry

And my eyes are red, I can still hide my pain
Then I step on stage and, crowd is in a rage and
I make the first page and, my mission's complete

But when I step off of stage, it's back to reality
Problems still the same, and life's a $#[email protected]' tragedy
Thoughts still the same and, I still dream of dying and

Taking some hard %#@!, to make me feel I'm flying and
Wish I was told I was carried as low
In this cold $#[email protected]' world, I wanna $#[email protected]' explode

Guess it's time for me to depart, know it sounds strange
But I served my purpose, and I made my mark

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse Two]
As long as the streets know it's a classic
Fluck all y'all envious [email protected]$(s

I'm thorough when I'm, reppin' my borough ^!$$%
Know tell me who could $#[email protected] wit', y'all put y'all money it
I make examples out of (*##$es, y'all don't really want it

Since Ill Na Na, I've been going through drama
And I get on my knees
And I thank, God for my momma

Since a youngin I been knowin', I be forever flowin'
Back in the lab biatch, back in my zone
No, thou shall not $#[email protected] with F to the Izz O

Bull%#@! aside, I got y'all rappers by a lanslide
Pardon me, I'm not your average, I'm a savage
When it come to this game, I'm as ill as my name

So Gav and Ant brought me back, I was sick of this rap
Sick of the fame, sick of ^!$$%s hauling my name
No, I cant quit

I'm as real as they get
Yes, back on the scene
Still reps no press


[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 3]
Death before dishonor

Born alone, die alone
My crew think I'm 7, bought a plane so I could fly alone
No security, got the nine through the stallion

Run through Louie, when I wanna get my style on
Body something, get the chair and I'll fry alone
The skylarking, six be moonwalking

No, who keeps a floss game like Fox and Pretty
In Kennedy with twenty Louie's like Akeim and Simmi
No, nobody grinning, don't take it as rude

I was a little too gangsta for the Moulin Rouge

[Repeat Hook Until End]

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