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FOXX : Pushin lyrics

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FOXX lyrics : "Pushin"

pushin (I-10 ^!$$%) keep on pushin
I-10 ^!$$% (keep on pushin) foxx a mill ^!$$%

I-10 ^!$$% (keep on pushin) look
I-10 my ^!$$% (ke-keep on pushin) look
I-10 ^!$$% (keep on pushin)

I-10 ^!$$% (keep on pushin)
look I-10 ^!$$% (keep on pushin)
look, look

[Verse 1:]
deuce 4'z on tha lac, 2 hoes in da back

hopin ion't catch a flat, tha spair couldn't fit dat
tha trunk was too full, thatz where i got tha bricks at
dew'n bout 90 tryna get where i'm goin and get back

a throwaway unda da seat, thatz 5 yearz right dere
but i look like dew'n 5, i can't spend a night dere
ridin wit 2 strippaz and my ^!$$% yea datz tite dere

and soon we stop at tha Days Inn, we $#&@in all night dere
but first we gotta handle bidness, $#&@ hoes, we on a mission
lawz pull us ova, ain't no ticket mane itz pennitentary

don't make me nervous cuz i might start swervin
if they come in, i'ma jump out runnin like Michael Irvin
but im used ta dis, i dew dis on tha regular

you need work ? i got it, juss don't hit me on my cellular
datz why my ^!$$% Rodney T sittin off in dat federal
don't tell me bout collect calls cuz i accept several

but i'm still...


pushin, keep on pushin
keep on pushin
keep on pushin

ke-keep on pushin
keep on pushin

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