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FOXX lyrics : "I Got It"

Yeah, c'mon
That ^!$$% Foxx, Foxx-a-million,

whatever y'all wanna call me, ya heard me?
Yeah, y'all ^!$$%s know I got it mane
Y'all KNOW I got it!

I got it (yeah)

You want it, come get it (yeah)
I got it (yeah)
You want it, come get it (yeah)

[Verse 1:]
I got pills for rollas, I got dozia for smokas

N' it's high for you ^!$$%s that got cake like oprah
If you want I'm on it, I don't front it or loan it
If you need some major work, then you just meet me at Shonie's

You just bring all my cheese n' I don't mean macaroni
N' I keep them ounces real nice n' Fat like Tony
I get jiggles for cheapa, I don't care 'bout the people

Gimme twenty minutes, when I get 'em, then I'ma reach ya
Al Capone was my teacha, got my hustle from Scarface
At five seventy five a pill, ^!$$% you oughta make,

A whole lotta cake, you don't believe me, then calculate
I got them hoes puttin' it n' they cat when they [email protected](#
I got them powder packs for ya too at a cheap rate

Ya find 'em out chea cheapa, I'll price match, OK?
You slippin', I'm packin' up, you plannin' on jackin' us
I gotta choppa thatta have yo (*##$ $$# backin' up

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I got dunnas for junkies, I got acid for honkies
I got indo' for ^!$$%s n' got bananas for monkeys

I'm a hustla baby, got connects wit the Haitians
If you want it, come get it n' don't be tryin' my paitience
I got chickens or mickeys, now them ^!$$%s be (*##$in'

Cause I got the cheapest prices n' the BR city
All you need is nine pills, it's gon' run ya 'bout sixty
Last ^!$$% tried to play me caught a hollow tip quickie

I got wholes for the prices of halfs,
n' my wholes look like I done stuffed the whole, damn ziploc bag
They pull ya ova wit my dime, they gon' think ya distributin'

^!$$%s swear they on the grind, who the $#[email protected] you think you foolin'
Bricks comin' from Dallas, that purple comin' from Cali
Pills comin' from Gramblin', the pickup spot in Port Allen

It's a drought, then I'm $#[email protected]' up, I ain't new, I know what is what
N' that scale don't lie, so I don't neva be $#[email protected]' up

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

I don't talk ova the phone cause them people be all ears
They quick to tap ya phone when they know you a ball'ear
N' I ain't neva have that $#[email protected]' thang that they call fear

Whateva you need, just come n' get it, it's all here
I told ya I'ma hustla, pimp juice, I don't wear a pimp suit
N' ain't the type to ride n' a Lex' coupe

But everybody know what I'm really 'bout
I stay wit a semi out, n' run my business throughout a click house
I keep my pounds off in the attic, got cocaine in the city,

n' keep my rocks stuffed off in the mattress
The way I push, ya oughta call me Beatrice
I don't take no %#@! from no crackhead about my cabbage

Come up short n' I'll let a (*##$ have it
Anybody, (*##$ or ^!$$%, you can get it, head-bussa or [email protected]$)got

Street gossip ^!$$%
The streets will talk ^!$$%

N y'all ^!$$%s know I got it
Why don't y'all come get it then!?
I know y'all want it

Come get it then!
^!$$%, I'm all out in public wit it, cha heard me?


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